Ten ideas for change: Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is a people-powered city, a fact reflected in the number of organisations creating social and economic change across the region. Here’s ten of the best: 1. Seeding local entrepreneurship: Levenshulme Market On one level an ordinary bustling weekly market, Levenshulme also the UK’s only social enterprise market with profits invested back into the local community. Each year traders and locals are invited to pitch for £15,000 worth of funds. Awards are given to high street project (£5,000) or market projects (£1,000) with local residents voting on the best idea. Funds have so far been awarded to a local brewer to allow him to buy equipment to expand, and to Levenshulme Contemporary Arts Centre, which will be a open social space hosting public talks and events during this year’s Manchester International Festival. http://www.levymarket.com/ 2. Becoming a social enterprise city: Salford, social enterprise city Last month Salford became the first … (To read more, subscribe below)

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Clare Goff

Clare Goff

Clare Goff is editor of New Start magazine


  • lucy danger

    Hey Clare
    Thanks very much for posting our stuff about FareShare.
    We’ve decided to focus our efforts (last year due to the food poverty stats) on just Greater Manchester, so would it be possible to change the text to read FareShare Greater Manchester please? Also we decided our main parent, EMERGE 3Rs would run it (for simplicity) so would you mind changing it to 3Rs (not Food)?! sorry about this!
    I thought you were going to include the idea about setting up a Greater Manchester Sustainable Food Alliance… hey ho. An opportunity for a future article/blog maybe. Thanks again for including us! 🙂

    1. Clare Goff

      Clare Goff

      Hi Lucy, I’ve changed those items.. sorry for the delay. If you’d like to write a blog about sustainable food in the city we’d be happy to publish it, Clare

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