It’s time for change in the UK’s core cities

Welcome to New Start in Greater Manchester. This is the first in a series of editions of the magazine from the UK’s ten core cities. Over the course of the next year we will produce our monthly edition from Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow and Liverpool. In each city we will map the people and projects working towards a local economic alternative, hold a workshop in each region to catalyse local action, and build a narrative of what local economic resilience looks like and the concrete steps needed to achieve it. This work is supported by the Friends Provident Foundation and the New Economics Foundation is our lead partner for the project. We embarked on this work as Greater Manchester was announced as the first city region to be granted devolved powers, with west and south Yorkshire following close behind. It is timely then, as English regions … (To read more, subscribe below)

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Clare Goff

Clare Goff

Clare Goff is editor of New Start magazine

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